Cliff Young

It is with pleasure that I provide this reference letter for Design Marque Property Management. My name is Clifford Young and Design Marque has been successfully managing my rental property in North Vancouver for many years.

When I left Vancouver to live in Europe at first I tried to manage the rental of my property myself, but quickly realized that it was not possible. It was extremely difficult to find and verify tenants remotely, and any time there was a problem at the property I had to ask friends or family to assist. All of these troubles were gone once I brought Mrs Vicki Thompson on board to manage the property for me.

In over five years of managing my 3,500 sq ft property, Vicki and her team have been exceptional. The long-term tenants they placed have always paid rent on time, taken good care of the property and established good relations with my neighbors. This was very important for me, as our cul-de-sac street community is very close.

Vicki has always been proactive with any concerns the tenants had, and took care of the repair of items through her network without troubling me. This included yearly power washing of the property, clearing the drains, and similar ongoing maintenance. I quickly became convinced that my house was in good hands with the Design Marque team allowing me to focus on my new life away from Canada.

The financial management of her accounting team is very professional and the deposits to my account are always on time. Further, they deduct my taxes due from the rent and submit it to CRA on my behalf, and provide monthly and yearly reporting which makes my tax filing easy and efficient.

I can certainly recommend Design Marque for the management of your property, whether it is a large multifamily home, or a smaller apartment. Vicki is very professional and extremely trustworthy and both you and your property will be well taken care of by her and her team.

Kind regards,

Clifford Young – Home owner