Tenant Placement

Some owners prefer to handle the regular monthly business of renting their property themselves—all they need is the right tenant.

If you have a mortgage helper suite in your home, live near your rental property, or otherwise prefer to manage your own property without the monthly cost of a property manager, our tenant placement service could be the right choice for you.

Advertising Your Rental Property

Just like our comprehensive property management service, we promote your property locally and worldwide. Your rental property is seen by the widest audience possible, helping you to find a tenant sooner.

Professional Advice

The British Columbia Tenancy Act can seem like a complicated set of regulations which every landlord needs to learn and follow. We would be happy to help you through the process the first time, so you can start out confident and well informed of your rights and responsibilities as a landlord.

Service à la Carte

Design Marque Property Management requires no ongoing fees when you personally manage the rental property. Remember, our services are only a click or a phone call away whenever you need us again.