G. Gemmell

Design Marque, and Vicki specifically, matched us as tenants with their client (an owner of a beautiful 2 bed, 2 bath condo in Yaletown, Vancouver). From the first day of meeting, I was taken with Vicki’s warm and professional demeanor, and her thoroughness in screening us to be the right fit for her clients. She made our tenancy seamless by providing automatic monthly rental payments from our bank and ongoing easy access to her/her company should anything go awry (plumbing and appliance support). This was our first relationship with a property management company, and even though we didn’t select Design Marque ourselves as we were not her client, Vicki made us feel every bit a part of the equation/relationship, and just as valued. Vicki was truly a delight to work with and in the almost 5 years of us being in that beautiful Yaletown home, we were never disappointed in the relationship.


Should I ever find myself in a position to require a property management company, I wouldn’t hesitate in selecting Design Marque. Over the duration of our being renters in the condo, I have learned that there is a lot to be said about this organized, knowledgeable and proficient, caring and quality business that values relationships on ALL sides of the rental agreement. We count ourselves very lucky indeed.